Classic Dark Juniper Set

€89,00 €118,00 -25% OFF


Classic Dark Juniper Set

€89,00 €118,00 -25% OFF


Silver Classic Dark Juniper Set of 2 beaded bracelets. The Juniper Set consists of the Silver Classic KAnnaba jasper, and the special Dark Juniper Blend. A grade stones combined with the Mad Monk Sterling Silver cilinder bead.


Blended stones mean more powers, origins and zodiac signs. 

The stones powers: 

Black Obsidian: Creativity and Self Control

Kambaba Jasper: Tranquility and Peace

Hematite: Balance and Calmness


Black Obsidian: Peru, Argentina and USA

Kambaba Jasper: South Africa and Madagaskar

Hematite: Australia

Zodiac signs: 

Black Obsidian: Scorpio

Kambaba Jasper: Scorpio

Hematite: Aquarius


✔️ Solid 925 Sterling Silver 

✔️ 8mm beads

✔️ Unisex design

✔️ Oxidized and polished finishing 

✔️ Each stone is handselected by our team 

✔️ Handmade silver from Indonesia

✔️ Bracelets are Tailormade in the Netherlands 


✔️ 30 Day Returns

✔️ 6 months warranty 

✔️ Bracelets come in Free Luxurious Boxes.

✔️ Mad Monk™️ is a registered Trademark 



Please Note: although we only use the best natural stones and gems, the size and color can slightly vary due to the fact of them being nature's products.

Delivery for NL and BE between 1 and 3.