Why We Rock...

Bracelets for him and her made of real gemstones, real silver and super strong elastic.

Our strength is in the details.
By designing the silver beads ourselves, we add a touch of oriental vibes to all our bracelets. All silver is handcrafted on Bali. After all, they are known as the world's best silversmiths.

But nevertheless… your bracelet is handcrafted by us bead by bead in the heart of the Netherlands. We do this because we don't just want a beautiful bracelet, but a bracelet of good quality that stays beautiful, so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

That's why we do what we do…

The first of a new colletion

Chi | Monk Rope Flat Cuff | 5mm

Mad Monk

Chi | Monk Rope Flat Cuff | 5mm

€94 €109

Colorful designs

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