Classic Lombok Set Classic Lombok Set
Classic Lombok Set €119,00 €147,00
Silver Classic Lombok Set of 3 beaded bracelets. The Lombok Set consists of the Silver Classic Black Lava,  mahogany obsidian and the special Lombok Blend. A grade stones combined with the Mad Monk Sterling Silver cilinder bead.   Blended stones or sets means more powers, origins and zodiac signs.  The stones powers:  Lava Stone: Strength and Courage Mahogany Obsidian: Growth, and Passion Black Obsidian: Creativity and Self control Origins:  Lava Stone: Iceland, Spain and South Africa Mahogany Obsidian: Brazil, Mexico and Afganistan Black Obsidian: Peru, Argentina and the USA Zodiac signs:  Lava Stone: Taurus and Scorpio Mahogany Obsidian: Libra and Sagittarius  Black Obsidian: Scorpio   ✔️ Solid 925 Sterling Silver  ✔️ 8mm beads ✔️ Unisex design ✔️ Oxidized and polished finishing  ✔️ Each stone is handselected by our team  ✔️ Handmade silver from Indonesia ✔️ Bracelets are Tailormade in the Netherlands    ✔️ 30 Day Returns ✔️ 6 months warranty  ✔️ Bracelets come in Free Luxurious Boxes. ✔️ Mad Monk™️ is a registered Trademark      Please Note: although we only use the best natural stones and gems, the size and color can slightly vary due to the fact of them being nature's products.