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The legend of the Mad Monk

Living a long time ago, a monk had pledged to live a life of simplicity, following the rules of Buddhism and shunning the ways of the world outside the monastery.

However, at a certain point in life the monk found that the rules did not agree with him. In order to live the life he wanted, some rules had to be broken. And so he did......
From that day on the monk started living his life to the fullest. He got rid of his mala bracelet made of nuts and seeds and started wearing the prettiest jewelry made from silver and natural stones, he drank, partied till dawn and fell in love uncountable times.The Monk broke almost every rule that he had agreed to abide by.

Dont let someone else take you down for being who you are.

The other monks, were up in arms about the Monk's behaviour, and expelled him from their monastery, they made him look bad by calling him the Mad Monk and told everyone about the godless behaviour of the monk.

Taking his nickname more as an appellation, the Mad Monk lived a life that was uniquely his own, not taking nothing from no one, just being who he was. Outside the monastery the Mad Monk was beloved by many because of his unique lifestyle, his compassion, and yes, his extraordinary personality. He traveled all across the world helping others and living his life through a mixture of partying and prayers in a way that only he could.


The legend of the Mad Monk inspired us to just beeing ourselves. A story of a monk that broke all rules to live the life he wanted and to not let anyone else decide is why we do what we do.

At Mad Monk Jewelry we're just a bunch of gem-enthusiasts, who are living our lives to the fullest by breaking the rules of life and just doing what we love...

Which ofcourse is making worlds coolest bracelets...  

By doing so we hope our enthusiasm shines through in our handcrafted pieces of art. Because we are only using the best materials for them and even handpick each and every stone, just to make sure you'll love our designs just as much as we do.

We believe that the spirit of the mad monk lives on in every of our bracelets, letting you express yourself more and live life to the fullest too.

'' Wear The Mark, Be yourself and Break The Rules. ''

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